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  • Product Name: Incubator Servo Deluxe
  • Product date: 26 January 2022
  • SKU: Incubator

Incubator Servo Deluxe

Dimension                  88x42x134cm

                                    65x35 cm (Mattress)

Contruction                 Steel Sheet, Steel Pipe, Acrylic

Finishing                     Epoxy Powder Coating 

Heater                         Dry Heater 

Power Consumption  AC 220Volt 350 Watt,50Hz 

Temperature Control  Skin /Servo Mode 27 C - 37 C

                                    Air /Manual Mode 27 C - 38 C

Temperature Alarm    Air flow /fan failure with red light

                                    Air failure (38 C) with red light 

                                    Skin failure (37 C) with red light

                                    High Temperature (38 C) with red light

                                    Power failure with red light

                                    Alarm mute  silent with red light

                                    Memory for  control setting

Accessories                Vinyl Mattress 

                                    Skin Sensor


Optional                      Baby Scala

                                    Blue Light/Photo Therapy

                                    Color: Greend or blue (Panel & Body)    

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